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Runaways, Vol. 2: Teenage Wasteland

Runaways, Vol. 2: Teenage Wasteland - Brian K. Vaughan, Adrian Alphona

Runaways vol 2 #7-12


Art: Chapters/comics 7-10 all is the same art as in the previous 6 comics however comics/chapters 11 and 12 have a gust artist takeshi miyazawa. So for the first six chapters the art work is like the first book intolerable and forgettable in fact in spots you may even find it hard to see that it is the same artwork because it looks different compared to book one even. the last two however is interesting like classic comic style with a slight manga flare the art work there is highly enjoyable. Because of the art shift between intolerable and highly enjoyable rating isn't as easy this time around B-


Characters: no Real character development from anyone this time around. Nico, Alex, chase, molly, karolina. As well as a side character but he doesn't help the characters or plot any he is more of a "we need a way to do X" kind of character a one shot a poorly done one shot. Nico and Karolina both act a little boy crazy and adolescent here up till this book they were acting really mature about everything but then we introduce character X which stirs up all kinds of unnecessary drama. The other characters fade into the background and there is a mole amongst them. While the runaways may not have gotten any real character development this round we do get a nice character development from our bad guys who want to get their children back....but are also willing to mind wipe super heroes showing the reader just how far these people will go B+


Story: Compared to book one the story isn't as good it is by no means a filler as by chapter/comic 12 it does in a sense move the story along but at the same time it was as TV tropes would call it very narm. In a comic story you can make anyone believe anything parents evil? ok sure, kids who are a witch, mutant, time traveler with a dinosaur ok why not who says that couldn't happen in this universe? Vampire.....wait what? see this is where the narm comes in and where you can't believe it anymore that is the only part of this story that makes it less then it could be It could have been put any other way that made sense the kid was working for the pride, or the kid was unknowingly chipped by the pride, or he was a spy anything but out of the blue vampire. But for that one flaw this story did meet its objective to exploit the characters emotions and show readers that they all have weaknesses and aren’t perfect while that could have gone about in a different way that didn’t seem as juvenile (seriously nico just storms out of the room) it wasn’t that bad minus the vampire while this is not the best story it is not the worst either B-


Cover: Karolina in her normal yellow shirt, blue jeans, arm warmers and human looking in the sky with thunder around her while this does look dramatic it doesn't really add to the story in anyway the inner chapter/comic covers give or take draw the reader in into wanting to read it more then the main cover does C-


Rating: T for teen


Company: Marvel


My rating : 4 of 5 while I didn't like the out of no where vampire twist the last two parts really brought the story back to base and the art work there really helped while I'm not a fan of the cover the story isn't that bad and the art is....well...yeah its not as bad as vol 9 I don't think any of the art work can be as bad as vol 9