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Runaways - Volume 9: Dead Wrong

Runaways vol. 9: Dead Wrong (digest) - Terry Moore, Humberto Ramos

Runaways vol 9 #1-6


Art: Humberto ramos is a good artist in his own right if you want to see his work at his best look up DV8 humberto ramos and you might come up with something really amazing. However for his work on runaways here,even by a manga fans standers, the art work is a little over exaggerated and he draws clothes in black lines while he draws the characters in colored lines making one girl's shirt look more like a droopy green back exposing a little more bobbie then need be and only on this one character. The characters expressions are also way to cartoony even for normal manga standers if they went chibi it would have been ok but weird open mouth and teeth on normal characters big eyes and of course it is hard knowing who's who when the art is different D-


Characters:Molly, Karolina, Nico, chase, victor, Klara, Old lace and xavin. Molly is the child juvenile fun loving and as care free as you can be while on the run, Xavin is a shapeshifting alian who is normally female form and in love with karolina, Old lace is the cool dinorsor, Klara is the extra kid they added just so molly would have a playmate, Victor is the driver when chase isn't around, Chase is the obnoxius blond, Karolina is an alian struggling with issues of her own that could impact her life and the lives of the other runaways, and Nico is the witch who cares for the others but is still a teen herself. There personality's shine thought but not enough Chase is just obnoxius and a jerk, molly is the kid klara you really don't need in the story, nico is almost passed by in this however you know she is the leader old lace and victor become stock characters here. Karolina shines personality wise you see her struggle with things and want to do what is right xavin sadly you know little about personality wise other then she's angry or in love you can do so much with these characters but sadly do to poor art and poor characterization the characters fall flat compared to how they should be C-


Story: Despite horrible art the story is brilliant(almost) the runaways find themselves heading back to LA and crash at chases parents old beach house but trouble is far from over as four aliens are on the hunt for karolina and the trouble her parents caused that they are holding her responsible. The action and humor are top notch making you “whao” and “lol” at the right times. This story is plot driven and it shows the story keeps you entertained even when the art is horrible. Sadly comics should be both plot AND character driven and that is where this falls, we have a stunning story with an alien chase and sub plot of family and sub sub plot of romance the only thing that is focused on is the alien chase. At one point something happens and the runaways may be no more you feel for them because you know they are suppose to be a team and you can read for yourself how well they work together however while this should have been character driven it was instead plot driven the one character getting a job when in realty both the job the DJ character and any scene with him in it could have been cut and nothing lost. The sub sub plot of the two lovers is vapid weather it was addressed in prior issues or not if you are going to have a couple in a comic give the reader a little background on it at least over all the story could have been much better then it was some scenes didn't need to be there and just felt like filler B-


Cover: Old lace on “the frog”, karolina in the sky xavin looking up at her victor in the background with an electricity thing going on, nico with her hand on molly's shoulder and chase giving us a rock on sign the onlything eye catching about this cover is how cartoonish and laughable the artwork looks as though the author is writing about the proud family adventures instead of kids on the run D+


Rating: T+ or OT


Company: Marvel


My rating : 3 of 5 This was going to be a 3 of 5 for the artwork alone and then I found another reason the lesbian kiss then I change that reason to -the pointless DJ scene there are a few if this character is important it BETTER show in the next issue if not he was mind rape for nothing and WT? for no reason other then to mess with us. Something other then artwork is lacking here as well it's like the author wanted a family dynamic story but then gave up and went action and aliens. Sadly this can't be skipped or else you will be lost later on if you are still reading this series by this time.