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Magic Knight Rayearth 1 Volume 1: v. 1

Magic Knight Rayearth I, Vol. 01 - CLAMP

Magic Knight Rayearth review



Art: CLAMP's Work is iconic and beautiful very soft and shojo and mystical A



Characters: Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu. Hikaru is an animal lover and short smart and determined, umi is tough and hard headed at time and fuu is the air headed humors logical pessimistic these three girls along with the other characters they come across are very well defined and while there names are hard to remember at first which one is which their personality shine though enough that you know who is who and are never confused. The characters are well defined and unique B



Story: Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu are three 14 year olds who get transported to a magical land to save the world. While at it's core this is your typical fantasy save the world shojo it is very unique. This is aimed at children for one and while there is the A for all rating no manga clearly states on the back that this is for 7 year olds like this one. This is is a kid friendly story with action and adventure humor and the like but is never gory or bloody. This story is fast past and entrancing and before you know it the story is over making you either happy you read it and ready to move on or wanting more. The story is easy to keep up with and not super confusing the reader is about as confused as the lead girls and like the girls learn with them so it becomes easy to get. This is a fun for everyone story. That being said it's not perfect this story is setting up the stage for the next books in the series and while thats all well and good more action and drama would have been nice while the girls accept things pretty well it would have been better if they had to learn to get along to over come what is going on and then go and save the world. But the story works even with out that proving that this is a story that can stand on it's own B+


Cover:Hikaru with a sword in a very magical and detailed outfit with fire in the back like any CLAMP work the cover is eye catching and beautiful the only nit pick is the MC is 14...and is dressed like she is 16.. still an amazing cover A


Rating: Y for Youth ages 7+


Company: Tokypop (out of business)



My rating : 5 of 5. I rarely like children's comics/manga ever since my two ex friends I've sworn them off but this one? I couldn't find any real flaws although fuu could get annoying at times it was a really well done manga and highly recommended for anyone trying out CLAMP for the first time. This was a nice read and really fun though I'm not going to countiue it only because I already have other manga on my list but this was a great read