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Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher

Thirteen reasons why review


Characters: Clay, Hanna, and a list of 12 other people. First off these characters are real so so real if you've ever gone to a high school then you will see a clay, a hannah, a alex, a justin all schools have one. Clay is the nice guy he has faults and flaws but the student body can't find them we as readers can pick out one though. Clay is a nice character however he didn't try hard enough something happens he listens he was to scared to stand up and something happened that is his flaw is that he didn't try hard enough this to is Hannah's flaw as well. Hannah is well we don't know we get what people have labeled her as but we never really see the real her in this book like clay though she didn't try enough she gave in to easily and clay didn't push enough. Yet thats what makes this so real thats what makes them so real at least at high school age where everything in taken to the max yes looking at them from a 20 or 30 something view point we see the flaws clearly Hannah gave in to easily she didn't try and change her life and Clay just didn't try hard enough and just let her be another face in the crowed. But at 16 or 18? Thats high school and thats life and thats normal and most of all thats real B+


Story: Thirteen reasons why is one of those stories that is hard to review if only because there is so much to say about it. The writing is mesmerizing. The writing is what must have spellbound millions of people and not necessarily the story since there is a minority who read and disliked it. The writing keeps you reading even though the sluggish parts of the story. The format is also unique in that it is in the after math of a suicide and part of it is on audiotapes. Although the format is a bit hard at times to get into. you will find your self forgetting to change voices from hannah to clay this isn't like any other duel narrative you have read before instead we have hannah in italics and clay in normal sometimes you'll read though a hannah part and get to a clay part and forget to shift having to reread that part. It would be one paragraph or page of hannah but then we get a word or a line from clay with this format and with two narrators it is almost vital to pay close attention while reading. As for the story the blurb on the front sums it up “ A mystery, Eulogy and ceremony” this story is straight forward both in plot and in what happens Clay gets audiotapes from a dead girl thats it thats the plot but weaved into that is a mystery of who exactly in on the tapes and why clay is there. This book is similar to jellico road in a way in that you are for some unknown reason compelled to read it and can't put it down wanting to know more. Admittedly this story is is very much like a anit-bullying suicide awareness PSA book of course very blunt about it the message's in it are being yelled in your face every other chapter it gets tiresome after a while most YA readers don't like blunt we like subtle. The story is engaging and intriguing it holds the readers interested more then you would think it would on that note it's to preachy to be perfect, to full of flaws to be great and to intriguing to be horrible. The story hits middle ground not spectacular but not run of the mill. B+



Cover: The cover is a classic showing hannah on a swing set the title having a 13 in the name th1rteen r3sons why this is the classic eye catching cover that everyone knows and has seen even if they don't know what the book is about A


Rating: T for teen



Company: Penguin



My rating : 4 of 5 This review was hard to write and not because of the subject matter but more because I have so much to say and I'm not sure what belongs where if what I say should belong in the story part of the review or here my review/rating over all. But all stories have thirteen sides to them right? I'm shaking so where to start. For one this story isn't for every one and yes there will be people who rate this two or one star to those people: You are allowed to your option of the book no question but give a thero reason for disliking the book as strongly as you do an “it was depressing” or “hanna wined to much” are not legit reasons to dislike this book give a in depth reason or people will flame you. To those ready to flame remember contemporary and suicide books are not forever one so maybe it was the hype that got them in it in the first place?. I'm shaking while writing this I hope I said everything I could about this story in this review I really really hope so because if not I'll be kicking myself later for possibly leaving something out when I wake up and post this on thursday and re read it days later thinking “Shoot I forgot to add” but hopefully that won't happen I'm giving it a 4 of 5 for two reasons 1. clay didn't try hard enough and that upset me and 2. the ending was kinda...ok....since we only see...well yeah but this was an emotional read I teared up didn't cry but I teared up this is like my review of mockingjay all over again except I could afford the hour to think about it I found two songs that I think really and honestly fit this story to a T or more accurately hannah baker to a T listen here and here