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The Scorpio Races

The Scorpio Races - Maggie Stiefvater

Scorpio races review



Characters: Sean, Corr, Puck, Mutt and every other character in this book. Sean is a cool calm and collected guy but he is also hard and tough slow to talking or social interaction outside of the horses. Corr is a water horse strong and fast, Puck is a strong determined girl who is willing to do anything even ride in the races for family, Mutt is a monster plain and simple. Maggie Stirfvaters characters all have depth to a degree you can't stereotype them or call them out on being flat because they are anything but flat you feel what they feel plain and simple like “The wolves of mercy falls” these characters will make you feel like they are real that you know a puck, or a sean that you've known a monster like mutt or seen a animal as loyal as corr these characters stay with you and tug at your heart stings they are themselves they stand out in YA not as “unique” or “different” but as people real people Plain and simple A+



Story: Different, magical, heart pounding, adrenaline rush. This story is one you do not want to end even when it ends. The first thing you notice while reading besides the gore, blood, bad word's here and there, and one action in a chapter that makes you question who would do that really? Is the writing style. Maggie Stiefvater is known for her lyrical indescribable writing style that separates her from all YA books out there the style is soft and magical, promising, while this book has that its not as soft or lyrical its hard and sharp you can tell by the way the words come out that this isn't a sweet sappy find yourself love story but a peek into what gritty fiction could be like. While its noticeable you still know this is a Stiefvater story and while the first 100 pages may not be interesting that doesn't stop it from being compelling proving to us that this is in fact her writing because only Stiefvaters writing could be this compelling. The story it's self is also a big one eighty from her other books. Thisby is an island and not in America its never clear when or where it is and while that can be bothersome sometimes its not as big a deal as you would think. This story will compell you to keep reading and then you will be so far sucked in you won't want to put it down this story is like a contemporary with a lot of supernatural/paranormal at it's core this is a story about belonging, family, companionship and love. This story is breathtaking and will get your heart pounding you will hear, feel, and see everything as clearly as if it were all really happening and you were there. Sean isn't Sam but he has quilitys that make him just as likeable and make you respect him there are so many scenes that will be so gut wrenchingly hard to read because you know it will hurt him and you become so attached to him. As well you also become attached to Puck who has her own problems and delimas to deal with. Something that separates Sean and puck most YA MC's is where they are standing so to speak Sean and puck while broken and hurting are solid in that they know who they are and where they are going they know what they have to do and are determined to do it. But at the same time they find time to find love with out deteriorating their character into something they are not. This story is one of a kind and a not to miss for fans of Maggie Stiefvater A+



Cover: Shiny and red like rust or dried blood flecked in with a gold brown base with the silhouette of a girl on a horse The title embossed like all the others so you can run your hand over it in Gold that looks like its faded with dots of darker gold on is making it look old and fairy tale esque. Different then her other covers an unique in the YA market when every other cover is of a girl's face this stands out in crowed and while it may not intrigue people by looks title alone will grab their attention B+


Rating: YA 16+


Company: Scholastic


My rating : 5 of 5 This book made me cry and almost made me cry again I loved the ending and how like Shiver and Forever its both closed and still open ended enough so that fans can daydream about what happens next. Also scorpio races is a stand alone! Thank you Maggie stiefvater thank you and while I was uncertain about it because of the bad words and gore and blood in the end I'm so so so so so happy I stuck with it this is one of the best books I've read this year (of course Forever was also THE best so far) and I can not wait to see what is to come I LOVE Maggie stiefvater and her writing this story was so indescribable and intoxicating you have to read it