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Runaways - Volume 4: True Believers

Runaways, Vol. 4: True Believers - Craig Yeung, Adrian Alphona, Brian K. Vaughan

Runaways vol 4 #1-6



Art: passable the coloring is good and as always you can't tell it's the same artist as the previous books but it is low and behold the art isn't bad but for manga fans it's not nice to look at exactly C+



Characters: Gertrude, chase, nico, molly, karolina and old lace. gertrude is sarky and sarcastic the brains of the operation and funny at times in a very dry manner, chase is less obnoxious he is brainy but one watt short of a light he is the cute kinda dumb, Nico is still the cool goth girl whom might still harbor some feelings for alex, Molly is molly, and old lace is so expressive even for a character who doesn't talk. The kids have grown so much since their first adventure getting over the loss of a member and evil parents they have grown as a family and as individuals. Chase and gertrude are now dating calling each other baby and honey B



Story: The writing is back to its former glory slightly but how you introduce a new character is important and this is not how you do it. With out giving it away their science is wrong for any of us who has watched a certain anime with 09 in the title you'll know the science is wrong. anyhow the story isn't as bad as prior stories this story give you a nice little plot twist although the introduction of the super heros of lame was a bit unnecessary but over all the introduction of the new member is a nice little twist and will give us a new view on the team and how they react in the future BCover: eye popingly beautiful going from bottom to top Gertrude, chase, nico, molly, karolina with old lace absent the artwork and coloring is amazing chase looks hot molly doesn't look like a child here however and you really noticed karolina and not for the hair the only other nitpick is chase doesn't have his gloves and gear at least that might be right A+


Rating: T for teen


Company: Marvel


My rating :4 of 5