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Runaways, Vol. 3: The Good Die Young

Runaways, Vol. 3: The Good Die Young - Adrian Alphona, Brian K. Vaughan

Runaways vol 3 # 13-18


Art: The art work is the same in the previous two so really nothing left to discuses by now its passable and your used to it....of course thats when they decide to change the artists mid way for two chapters then change them back again but that's for a different time C+


Characters: The characters really change in this one and grow closer as well as further apart. Nico gets her heart broken, chase gets a kiss, the kids kick butt and they grow a bit more by the end of the book they realize that they need each other and have become a kind of family. Nico has become more powerful and mature learning how to use her ability, Molly has grown up a bit still a child but can handling things, Chase is a player to the end but he grows on you and alex...he's a strategist till the end cunning and smart. These characters grow on you you feel like your part of their little family B+


Story: This story made up for lack of plot last issue but it felt to...rushed and again narm ish. There is a mole amongst the kids and they learn about their parents past's why would two people getting married know black magic? Anyway what happened and how and why they became the pride seems very...underwhelming and very out of left field as to well you read you see. But even for that narm there is enough action romance and true meaning of family to make it well worth your while as well as some extremely memorable kissing scenes and a betrayal that will blow everyones mind...as well as a camo with captain America yeah. This story ends with a The end which we all know is a lie as it didn't officially end till 2009..with a cliffhanger...but back to this story it ends well its nicely paced and you feel the tension you feel the big “omgosh something importance is going down” nothing seems out of place relativity though there is one BIG plot point that does seem out of place like it shouldn't be there but other then that no long info dialog from the parents or anything like that. A


Cover: A group shot of the kids and old lace on a MISSING tak board with the word found stamped on the picture. The cover although highly realistic and detailed is actually really amazing and eye catching although the wash out brown makes it a little to dark to see on the internet it's very well done and eye catching A


Rating: T for teen Company: Marvel


My rating : 5 of 5. Yes you heard me 5 of 5 between the ending and the kissing and the story line even with the non manga artwork I still Really really enjoyed this very much the story line is amazing really truly amazing and the cover is wow. And I'm reading more be afraid