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Runaways: Rock Zombies

Runaways, Vol. 10: Rock Zombies - Takeshi Miyazawa, Terry Moore

Runaways vol 10: Rock zombies # 7-10


Art: Art shift! The first three comics are done by takeshi miyazawa the last one is done by sara pichelli. As usual both are styles are wonderful reading though takeshi miyazawa work is like reading though a colored manga and it is just that colored manga the artwork is fluid and the expressions real like reading an anime (ok bad comparison but you know how the facial expressions in anime is fluid from one emotion to the next? Same thing here) and while having sara pichelli's art work on issue 10 is nice since it rounds out to the next book it's still jarring shifting from one style to the next is jarring and takes some getting used to after three comics of the same smooth artwork however the art styles in these issue is over all brilliant and amazing. A


Characters: Finally after what seems like forever we finally get to see some character development or at least their personality as a family. Playing video games, just handing out together and playing truth or dare doing things that normal teens do it was very nice to see something so contemporary with these seven B-


Story: Terry moore's strength is writing a plot driven story not a character driven one while that was aggravating for vol 9 it was actually a nice break with this one. The evil DJ guy is there for a reason and is this issues main villein we actually get a nice story for once its what you would expect a good guy vs bad guy simple straight forward plot. With the last issue we see molly and the xmen while all of this is great what really makes this story special is the family dynamic you see here in the first three issues we see them doing something we haven't see in all the series – them acting their age. Playing video games, going to work simple basic every day till the zombies attack. The name of this one is accurate since there is zombies and rock music and such. But the every day thing is what really brings this together there are a few memorable scenes one where chase is sitting on the sofa with molly and klara and watching them play video games he makes a remark and then its just them sitting in silence a nice tender sweet moment. Another is them playing truth or dare not only do we see another side of nico in this we also get some really sick innuendo but at sick or not they are acting like teens for once and its a funny moment that ends the comic. This issue is fast past and fun and while issue 10 doesn't hold much in the ways of continuity with the plot it holds some amazing nice sweet heart warming moments that these characters really needed B


Cover: Gorgeous with a soft anime feel this looks like the cover of a DVD not a comic with nico looking as goth as ever molly looking scared chase's arm protectively around her he also looking a little too freaked out victor looking confused lucy in the sky creating a light of her powers in her hand and klara looking just as confused as victor they look like they can be brother and sister on this cover with old lace looking really scary with black eyes this is the first most eye catching cover in the series if you are aiming to pick up manga readers this cover would do it for sure A+


Rating: OT for older teens


Company: Marvel


My rating : 4 of 5 This was one of THE best in the series if not the best between the amazing cover and artwork and story line the touching family moments it was almost perfect I did take off for the sick innuendo however seeing as it made me go all ewww but besides that and some random bits this one was one of the best hands down