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Linger (Wolves of Mercy Falls Series #2)

Linger (Wolves of Mercy Falls Series #2) -

WARNING: This book causes P.A.B.D

Linger Review

Characters: Sam and grace are back with a new characters to boot Cole is horrible but near the end he could be considered redeemed almost. Cole and Isabella are the New characters as they also narrate part of the story. Isabella is accutally an old character from book one we just get to see inside her head is all. Sam is Sam there is no other character like him you simply can not compare him to anyone else unless you know some one in real life who acts like Sam then you could compare him to that guy. Sam is loveable and 3-D so so real. Grace is as important as ever here but almost seems like a Background character despite this story being centered around her. Sam and Graces love is amazing and incredible and most us us pray that they get their happily ever after in “Forever” Isabella Grows more in this one think most of us were surprised to find that she is saving herself before having sex (didn't think she was the type) and Despite Cole being a jerk to the highest level his connection with Isabella is spicy and dangerous like Patch and nora. Sam and Graces connection is taken up to a 9.5 here its the same but feels deeper then before.A+

Story: This is Sam's story now not graces, Sam has more to say and this time...well you'll see. The story is almost as heart breaking as the first but nothing can top shiver not even the sequel. The narrations flow smoothly and the story just gets better as it goes on and the ending...the story is of a boy who was a wolf and a girl who was becoming one if that doesn't tip you off about this nothing will the story is lyrical and mystifying the ink is green and you don't want to let go..July 2011 seems so far away...july..summer....his summer girl irony no? Linger is a story you will keep in your head long after the last page is turned, you will want to sleep with the book and not let this story go A

Cover: The cover is a nice shade of green at first most fans were probably taken aback that it was so dull but in reality and with the color of the ink its nice and soft and beautiful however Fans are probably woundering what the girl in the summer dress and the wolf mean B

Rating: Young adult

Company: Scholastic

My rating : 4 out of 5 why? Because the ending was predictable the prolog gave away what happened before it happened. I'm still debating on this rating and may switch it to a 5 later on but over all? -laughs- I'm not done blogging about this book what dose that tell you?