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Nevermore - Kelly Creagh

Nevermore Review (originally written 9/3/10)


Characters: Every named character has a purpose somehow which for a paranormal YA romance is 98% non existent and almost unheard of showing you what kind of characters and story your in for. Isobel kills the cheerleader stereotype into a coma and develops not only as a character but her relationship with varen and the people around her. She starts off as a dis likeable character and stereotypical cheerleader, but quickly shows the readers that she is complexed and different then that and changes throughout the novel so by the end you really see who she is and want more. She does fall into the usual trope of thinking about the boy and he does become her whole world in retrospect but given the situation it doesn't seem cliché or wanting her to get a lifeVaren is going to shake up the YA world because for one he's human or at least we are left thinking so. But also he is not trying to fall in love with the girl. Also he isn't skitso his personality over all stays the same or gets worse but never falls into unreasonable lovy dovey she's all he can think about levels. He also doesn't stalk her like Edward or Patch and only comes to her house twice once invited even. He is very quite and speaks his mind while still keeping others at bay this can get very annoying. Veren is very stoic compared to sam from shiver personality wise and attendance in the book wise but that doesn't stop from his depth and intriguing in the least A



Story: Horror, tear jerker, craving, wanting more,this book will leave you hungry for more the story is rich and refreshing though it seems simple. Cheerleader gets paired up for project wit Goth boy, Cheerleader gets thrown into goth boys world, fights, love drama the inside flap and simpleness is utterly misleading this book is very complex and layerd and the writing is different compared to EVERY YA book to date. Some story's can be compared to others with similarity this one can't because there is nothing to compare it to that fits right. This is the story where at first you put it down for the night hoping it will get better but you feel complied to read more and hold it and go into withdraw if you don't have it a smiler feeling you had while reading beautiful creatures and shiver and linger. Nothing takes center stage the project the paranormal the varen and isobel relationship it all balances nothing is over shadowed by something else without reason by the end of the book your not only crying but wishing there was more romance. That was the only flaw with this book is the lack of varen x isobel there should have been more but when there was you could feel the tension and suspense lingering in the air. This story is anything but predictable and common it takes everything about paranormal romance and turns it on its head there is bonding and development from the lead characters and they don't just fall in love from the moment they see each other, they are human and the paranormal icy is happening around them rather then taking center stage as the issue. There are still unanswered questions and a lingering feeling at the end a fear the same fear that incicles sam and gace from the wolves of mercy falls though varen and isobell are a complete 180 of those two. The ending will leave a bitter sweet taste in your mouth and have you begging for the second book A++



Cover: Haunting with varen staring right at you while isobel is starting at him with his writing all around them only nitpick (which you can't see here because this picture has it) is he doesn't have a lip ring! Or his jacket other then that very well done B



Rating: young adult, horror and poe fans


Company: Atheneum books



My rating : 5 of 5 this book made me cry. The only other books to make me cry were the wolves of mercy falls but this book did it it made me cry I loved it though varen and the lack of romance annoyed me but I still cried this book I couldn't put down and was missing it during school I had to put it in the hauntingly spellbinding section just for that reason alone I'm dying to read book two or SOMETHING about book two, a summery or something ASAP