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Silver Borne Review

Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs
Can we talk about this cover for a moment? Before I get into the story I want to talk on this cover.
Before reading this series I'd seen this cover so many times, I was even tempted to ask my grandma to buy the book in a boarders going out of business sale just to own the cover, This cover is my favorite out of all of Dan Dos Santos works on the Mercy Tompson covers the tattoos so well done with the wolves and flows the way her back looks arched like that head slightly turned holding the book the colors rich and deep in real life. I love this cover.
As for the story this one took me by surprise. Fae stories and I don't get along, book three of this series was an “okay” book for me and I wasn't sure how well this one would have faired either. I highly enjoyed it, If I put it down it was only to work on a art piece or taking a break this had enough of the Werewolves in it to make me happy, enough mystery to keep me reading, and enough character development to keep my satisfied
Learning more about pack bonds, suicidal werewolves, and the whole mate bond was fascinating if a bit much at times pack rank could get a bit murky. The fae epically a new character named Ari were great and enjoyable. Jesse Adams daughter really takes charge in this one making her even more great a character then she already was.
Adam and Mercy's relationship is always a joy to read about, Mercy's view of the pack and her view of her, Mercy's role in the pack, sexy, sensational, and deep
Rating: Adult
Company: Ace Books
My rating : 4 of 5