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The midnighters: Touching darkness review

Midnighters #2: Touching Darkness - Scott Westerfeld
When I tired explaining this book to my mom she replied with “it sounds boring” the more I thought on it the more I realized she was right. This series is not plot friendly, if you are a deep plot loving reader then the midnighters is not the series for you.
I read “The midnighters: secret hour” April 23-27th 2010. April 2010 let that sink in. In four years the ending still stuck out to me so I thought “why not finish the series then?” Reading book two made me realize why book one stuck out to me for four years.
The characters.
Guys this book is so character driven the plot could have been about finding a lost cat and it wouldn't have mattered. Melissa, Rex, Dess, Jonathan, Jessica all these amazing wonderful characters.
I wish we had gotten more of the five of them together as well as more on Melssia and rex's shared past the jumps from midnighter to midnighter leaveing so much open was frustrighting as really Melissa and rex's dynamic and how dess fits into their friendship was the best part.
If I had to complain about one aspect of the book it was the switching. More to the point the breaks something will happen then its 12:00am midnight or something will almost be revealed but then nope 8:45am the next day I wanted to know more about Rex's tramatic past, or melissa and him as friends rather then the jumping around.
The idea of a hybrid....could have gone better. While the characters were the strong point the plot was full of questions and holes and conflict. You spent more time running with the other midnighters then them as a unit a group a messed up team so the plot suffered for that
My rating: 3.5. I gave it a four on goodreads since they don't do halfs.