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Dear Sinner (A book review)

Sinner - Maggie Stiefvater

Dear Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater

Isabel, Cole I've missed you guys. It's Funny St.Calir, when I first met you in Linger I couldn't stand you after you stopped Grace's father and defended Sam sayingYou're a son of a bitch. He belongs here more then you do.” I warmed up to you much more, by forever I was wondering how you made it and if you and Isabel would have a romance. People are saying your story is “Angst” but I don't see it like that. There are also people who want to just dive into this story and are upset when the background to you two and your relationship isn't there. I admit it's sad people see this as angst. This is a slow burning countiueing character study of a book and this isn't a book you would want to hand to someone who is reading shiver for Sam and grace. This isn't angst either this is a book of hard words and harder lives of breaking and fixing and finding. To anyone finding this and reading this if you have read and loved Shiver, Linger and Forever Sinner is not that. This will turn a lot of people off, Cole was never Sam his story was never fluffy and lyrical despite the prose in linger and forever, this is more his story, and Three books written in hard words, and crushing cliffs, dead and rich things, have shaped this from the earlier Maggie Mercy Falls books this isn't a bad thing. This is a slow paced book and not one for readers who want fast paced stories. This is a riggid story about broken people for lost people. This isn't a book you can pick up and read, this is a book to be analogize, to read as slow as possible to get the meaning behind every scene and every word. To read it as slow as syrup because want to hear from old friends from mercy falls.
Speaking of old friends Sam? Grace? I've missed you. It's because of you two that I found the relationship I wanted so I was more then happy when you both  were mentioned and make small cameo's and your lives are explored in a line or more but it's enough to make it worth while. I won't say anymore. Similar to the first three books in the series this is a series that needs to be explored yourself. Is it wrong that the parts that got me excited where when Cole is talking about the suicidal parts of himself how messed up is that? Cole and Isabele both drop to their lowest point but its okay its how they grow.
Sinner? I want to thank you for two other things as well. One, Thank you for awnsering my question of if tamatos are bad for dogs. I had dropped a cherry tomato that night and picked it up before my dog got it concerned but unsure if it was bad but not wanting to take chances. I read that two hours later and admitly this being a work of fiction I know Mrs. Stiefvater does her extensive research on things thus I fully trust this is correct.
And secondly thank you for getting me excited for California, I'm going on a trip soon and was dreading it but the way you discribed it with the characters you chose made me excited for it.
“I want you to love this book or hate this book no in between” the author said and I think that is how this book is, not many people will love it but thats okay. I Loved this book. I think it's just because I relate to the characters both on such a level. This book makes me want to make, This book makes me want music. This is the Mercy falls book that gives us the spark of cole and isabel and makes it into a flame hot and passion and back and forth. Some will love it some will hate it but like California or music its something that needs to be Experienced for ones self
Love, Ghost
My rating: 5 of 5 A++