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Fair game a review

Fair Game - Patricia Briggs

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I think out of all the books including Iron kissed this is the first in this universe to give me a wake up in tears crying nightmare. That in of it's self should tell you how good this book is. As always the Alpha and Omega series does something that the Mercy Thompson series doesn't get into as much: background detail. The deeper inner workings of humans vs Other kind, a more in depth look of Dominance and submission etc.


Anna and Charles you two are the greatest example of a positive relationship I've seen in an adult book (not that I read many adult books). Take away the magic, the werewolves, and the extream cases and you have a young wife married to an older man who due to his job is drifting away from his wife. He is only trying to protect her but instead makes her feel less then and neglected. I feel that any 20 something in a relationship can relate to this stuck knowing that no he isn't cheating on you thats not the cause for the distance yet he's also not letting you help either. Another thing that Fair game (as the other books did) does well is show the very real Dominate/submissive dynamics both in every day life as well as a relationship. I feel many people are not aware of the dynamic meeting ones eyes, body language, etc all things that play out in day to day life as well.


Beyond the more realistic aspects of your fair game the supernatural and paranormal mixed with a touch of murder mystery made fair game a compelling read that once you start the only reason to stop or go slow is to savior it it was only the last two chapters that were almost to hard to get though more due to content then pacing ( the character in question is talking about raping said people but they have to be human this kind of talk goes on for about eight or so pages but it feels longer). I think the one thing that can be taken away from this amazing work of fiction is that the scariest monsters aren't always the other kind. That the justice system is flawed and that no one questions they only praise or fear or hate. But that one should rise above that.


I think dear Fair game if I were to praise you it would be on your characters Anna and Charles,the growth of their relationship and as individuals, your fast yet slow burning mystery of fast page turning action and above all the world building and glimpses into Dominant and Submissive behaviors


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My rating: 4 out of 5. I took a star for the subject matter of Rape and well just the mer fact that this book gave me a nightmare where they were after me as anna and I ended up waking up crying. In short a star taken for scary matters and nothing with plot or character or even pacing. I should mention I'm also listening to another book with much more brutal and grisly details but this is the book to give me a nightmare. Kudos. As always I loved this book but can't really say much since it is a tantalizing mystery. I loved it plain and simple.